Welcome to Pejman Attar website. A technology enthusiast, software architect and developer.

What I Do

I am an engineer and contract researcher at École Normale Supérieure. I am developing cmmtest: a tool to test and verify GCC/CLang optimisations in the C/C++ Memory Model.


Who I Am

During the last year of my Bachelor, I started to be interested in research. I worked on Babel, a loop-avoiding distance-vector routing protocol for IPv6 and IPv4 with fast convergence properties, designed to be robust and efficient on both wireless mesh networks and classical wired networks under the direction of Dr. Julieusz Chroboczek and Gabriel Kerneis.

In the first year of my Master, I continued working with Chroboczek and Kerneis on CPC, an experimental dialect of the C language, designed to write concurrent programs. A CPC program is compiled into plain C through a series of source-to-source transformations. I created a P2P bittorrent seed in this language as a proof of concept of CPC.

I've done my PhD under the direction of Frédéric Boussinot and Ilaria Castellani. My PhD topics is to create a Safe and Secure Multi-core Programming Language. Our approach is based on the reactive variant of synchronous programming. The new languages I investigated in my thesis to build a programming language that prevent memory corruption and usage of locks for memory, but also to control information-flow security.

After my phd I start working as a post-phd/ engineer at École Normale Supérieure. My task is to enhance cmmtest: a tool to test and verify GCC/CLang optimisations in the C/C++ Memory Mode.

I gave several talk about my work all around the world, slides are available on demand. I also teach different courses as algorithmics, C language, system, etc. in different universities.


My Work

Here you can find a glimpse of softwares I developed.